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FFXIV Fallen Angel Wings Guide

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Fallen Angel Wings Fashion Stuff are luxury items in FFXIV that can be purchased with rare forms of Vouchers or through the Player's Market Committee.

Fallen Angel Wings is a beautiful and whimsical fashion accessory in Final Fantasy XIV, released after the Endwalker expansion pack. The style of the fashion accessory resembles the angel wings from the Golden Saucer. But instead of silky white feathers, the wings are dyed a menacing shade of ebony. It goes without saying that light fashionistas who love the black or dark edgy glamor sets from Final Fantasy XIV will no doubt love the Fallen Angel Wings fashion accessory.

To purchase the Fallen Angel Wings from Final Fantasy XIV, players must visit Edelina, a luxury goods vendor in Mor Dhona that sells extremely expensive gilded palanquin flutes. It is located at coordinates X: 22.1 Y: 4.8. If FFXIV fans find them, they can use 500 Two-Tone Gem Coupons to purchase fashion accessories. For those unfamiliar with these coupons, they show that the holder delivered 100 two-tone gems to Gadfrid in Old Charlayan (12.7, 10.4) or Sajareen in Radz-at-Han (11.1, 10.2).

Introduced in Shadowbringers, Dual-Tone Gems are a premium currency available in Final Fantasy XIV through the Shared Destiny system. Once the player has reached level 3 by completing 66 FATES in each area, they can take advantage of the previously mentioned Shared Fate trader in Endwalker. Therefore, players must complete 396 Endwalker FATES in total.

Unlock Fallen Angel's Wings in FFXIV

A Shared Destiny rewards the FFXIV player with around 12 to 14 two-tone gems. Thus, in order to obtain the 500 Two-Tone Gem Coupons needed for the Fallen Angel's Wings, the Warrior of Light must collect 50,000 Two-Tone Gems. That's a lot of dedication and effort to complete about 3,772 FATES and make that huge amount of money. For those who play Final Fantasy XIV only occasionally, it can take weeks to months to farm the two-tone gems to get the required 500 two-tone gem tokens to unlock the Fallen Angel's Wings.

However, there is another way to get Two-Tone Gem Coupons and even Fallen Angel Wings in Final Fantasy XIV. Both Vouchers and Wings are considered miscellaneous items and are not limited to items that are sold or traded. As such, FFXIV fans can purchase currency and fashion accessories from the Marketplace Committee, albeit for a massive amount of gil. While prices vary by server and population, two-tone Gem Coupons sell for an average of 85,685 to 87,051 Final Fantasy XIV gil, while Fallen Angel Wings average 78,959,150 gil.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam or the Square Enix official website.

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