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The package deal is simply the start of Ford’s foray into Rocket League and gaming greater commonly


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When maximum video game builders accomplice with automakers to carry actual-global automobiles into their game, they Rocket League Trading generally tend to attention on cars maximum folks can handiest aspire to own. Not so with Rocket League developer Psyonix. Fresh from its latest collaboration with the NFL, the studio is partnering with Ford to deliver the F-150 into its sport. The truck appears approximately as garish as you'll count on. It’s also a form that most Rocket League gamers don’t like, however as the arena’s maximum famous truck, you have to believe plenty of people may be into it.

You’ll have the chance to buy it for a restricted time between February 20th and February 28th. The Ford F-150 RLE package will set you back 1,500 credits. It consists of the truck itself,  sets of wheels, raise, audio engine, sticky label and participant banner. All of those have been created with enter from the F-150 layout group, in line with Ford.

The package deal is simply the start of Ford’s foray into Rocket League and gaming greater commonly. The business enterprise is sponsoring Psyonix’s upcoming Winter Majors event, wherein you’ll see the F-one hundred fifty tow away damaged cars and restore the pitch. The  will even hostRL Trading
  a unique two-day Freestyle Invitational wherein gamers could have the hazard to win a actual 2021 F-a hundred and fifty.

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