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How to write a scientific article. First drafts


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Probably you have already known all those 99 valuable tips about "how to write a scientific article. But awareness of these ideas has not helped to write at least a page.

The rules say: "... the topic of the article should be little investigated...", "... the material must be well organized ...", "... reread the literature on the topic ...", "... Understand what new message you want to convey with your article ...".

These instructions, madly, good, but the truth they do not help.

Try to look at writing a scientific article with the eyes of a professional author-https://essaywritery.com/. It may help to write the first (and most important) page, and then the whole article.
The author's view, in the first place, is focused on the result. Writing scientific articles - "craft", which is not limited to the mere ability to lay out ideas in a scientific style. Equally important are:

  • purposefulness,
  • to concentrate on the task for at least 40 minutes a day;
  • Confidence in yourself,
  • to give up some judgments and agree with others;
  • self-confidence,
  • to find connections between blocks of texts from different articles.

In contrast to the difficulties, which are felt by beginners, the author's approach to writing a scientific article helps to acquire such skills:

to identify gaps, "blind spot" in the materials of other articles.
Because of the presence of general competence "in the subject", this skill allows you to fill these gaps with your own judgments, conclusions. For its part, these reflections of the author are the basis of "... new things you want to convey by your article ...";
identify and compare the assumptions and limitations in the materials of  write my business essay scientific articles of other authors.
This skill allows you to conduct a quality review of the literature, and also form the basis of the author's view of the solution of the problem;
distinguish between quality and nonquality materials.
It should be understood that some of the scientists write their articles independently, and others do not; some of the scientists have an appropriate approach to writing articles, while others do not. As a result of the activity of this "other part" scientific libraries accumulate a lot of literature, which is even more confusing;
Understand that writing a scientific article - college essay writers not magic, and the whole material work.
This allows you to set yourself up to his article as to any other important work, and "read" its real material and intellectual value. When this understanding comes, you will be able to firmly say "NO!" to the inappropriate procrastination.

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