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Today we feel more and more fatigue from the flow of information entering the brain. The more valuable are the people who know how to explain in an accessible, original and vivid way. To tell so that the reader cannot tear himself away from the text.


How to write good, interesting lyrics? We offer 19 tips for beginners and “intermediate” editors, copywriters, bloggers - in general, for anyone who influences the course of events with words.



Formulate the topic in two simple sentences. Why is there such a limitation? Because this is the natural length of an intelligible answer to the oral question "What did you want to talk about?"


If you can't articulate the topic in two sentences that grab the reader's attention, then something is wrong. The two-sentence limitation will help hone your thought, determine which lines and episodes are important and which are secondary. Repeat this technique for each chapter. It really helps to build the thought, plot and structure of the text on a segment of any length.



As you explore the topic, try to keep a fresh perspective on things. Yes, you have read a thousand books on the topic, you are already a bit of an expert, but remain an alien, a child who wonders what adults have put up with and does not hesitate to ask questions.




There are details and there are details, but they are not the same thing. Details are signs of a hero, an episode that tell something important about a person, a landscape, a scene. And the details are malicious, insignificant clarifications that could be dispensed with. Also best paper writing service reddit can help you.


Example: "In 2013, the daily milk yield per cow stood at 20 liters, and in 2014 it increased to 40 liters." Why this jumble of numbers, if you can write simply "cows began to give twice as much milk"?



Try to have one, maximum two numbers per paragraph. Unless, of course, you are writing an article on accounting or mathematics.


Try to have one, maximum two numbers per paragraph. Unless, of course, you are writing an article on accounting or mathematics.



You should not give up your trump cards right away: it is better to hold back the most striking episode, but start a little from afar, in the first sentences to confuse the reader a little, but to interest him (even in articles, sometimes you can not present the main character right away).


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