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Hanali Celanil Dungeons and Dragons 5e Guide For beginners


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Symbol:  The Heart of Gold, the Enchanting Rose, the Lady with the Heart of Gold.
Alignment:  Chaotic Good
Control Areas:  Love, romance, beauty, enchantments, mastery of magic items, fine arts, artists.
Domains:  Good, Chaos, Elvish, Spell, Magic, Protection.
Favorite Weapon:  "A shining heart" (dagger).
Scenario:  Forgotten Realms
Hanali Celanil is a being of timeless beauty and benign nature, always forgiving of minor transgressions and delighting in rewarding her followers with the happiness of unexpected love and affection. She charges romance, beauty, love, and joy in the elven spirits, and her only flaws are slight vanity and frivolous nature.

Though she rarely appears to her worshipers, Hanali delights in watching love grow between the elves, and often acts in secret to protect young lovers. She is also known as an aspect of Anghárradh, the triune goddess.

History / Relationships
Like others of the Seldarine, Hanali answers to Corelon and opposes the machinations of the evil drow deities and the Deities of fury. He also opposes the cruel tyrannies of other deities, including Bane, Cyric, Shar, and Talona. His allies include Eilistery, Cyrrolali, Isis, Laira, Lurue, Milil, Sharíndlar, Shila Peryroyl, and Tymora.

Relations Dogma
Life deserves to be lived for the beauty found in the world and the love that brings soulmates together. Take care of what is beautiful in life and let the rapturous glow of beauty enliven and brighten the lives of those around you. The greatest joy is the rapture of a new love and the bond of romance that binds those entangled in its embrace. Find love wherever it takes root, and take it to its finest so that everyone can share the joy and beauty it creates. Always give refuge and succor to young lovers, because their hearts are the most sincere guides in the proper course of life.

Clerics of Hanali Celanil
Hanali clerics are frivolous and somewhat vain, indulging in wild dance and celebrations of d&d 5e player's handbook pdf. The hierarchy is informally organized, and clerics are free to join or leave the ranks of a temple at will. They preside over marriages and coming-of-age ceremonies for young elves, though they are not required to marry, as Hanali is concerned with love, not necessarily marriage. Hanali's clergy spend their days cultivating beauty and love in all its infinite forms. Many of the clergymen of the Lady of the Golden Heart tend delicate gardens, while others amass personal or temple-based collections of gems, glass sculptures and other subtle works of art. While they prefer gold and crystal objects, especially jewelry and statues, any beautiful art form is admired, collected, and displayed. Hanali clerics must always be dressed in elephant fashion, and displaying personal beauty in the most favorable way is a requirement of all clerics of the Heart of Gold.

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