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Here are the Rules for our ARK servers.

First off Please, Please USE COMMON SENSE,
If you think something is breaking a rule, THEN DON'T DO IT!
ASK first. All of our admins will be happy to help you learn more about our servers and the rules.

We are only enforcing the rules that we have presented to you the players. We follow them too, and we also have a Code of Ethics that we agree to before becoming an Admin.

Griefing is defined as any action that causes another player distress or prevents them from enjoying the game. This includes: 
THEFT and /or Trespassing in another player/tribe's base/home. DO NOT attempt to crack or brute force or otherwise break into another players pin coded items/structures. 
Dropping, Luring, or Kiting wilds into another players base or onto another player with the intent of destruction of property or player.
Dragging or Dropping another player with intent to kill the player
Spamming building blocks to prevent builds by another player.
Bullying, Sexual harassment, extorting, insulting or threatening other players in Game or on our Discord.
Refusal to leave another players base, or leaving a tame there indefinitely.

The use of any and all slurs, be they racial, sexual, or sexist, is unacceptable. This applies to character names, tribe names, creature names, and speaking in any and all forms of chat, both on our Servers, and on our Discord.
FURTHERMORE, the use or reference of player, creature, or tribe names based on real life groups that are associated with racist, sexist, or any other hateful or prejudiced behavior will not allowed.

All tribes are allowed Two Bases per Server. To be 100 blocks wide by 100 blocks long and no more than 25 walls high. Tribes cannot have dedicated tribe bases and personal bases for tribe members. 
Do NOT Build in any cave that has an artifact in it, even if the map has building accessible on that map.
Do NOT Build within 8 building blocks of a resource spawn (Metal, crystal, etc. the grouping must be larger than three nodes)
Do NOT Build on or block the access ways to the Obelisks.
Do NOT Build in Prohibited areas that are stated in this section.
Do NOT Block waterways, or Block access in narrow strips of the Beach ways.
Do NOT use pillars or foundations to mark your outside property lines. This is considered spam and will be removed.
Pillars are acceptable for use if they are under a build (please use the least amount possible) or in the building of water pens as long as they are under the water's surface.
Any Artifact Cave on any Map.
Island – Hidden Lake and Penguin Glacier
Center – Flying Isle
AB – Do not block the streams or pathways.
Rag – The Giant Beaver Dam Lake. The Metal Cave at 35.9 Lat by 25.4 Lon.
SE – Do not lock the Oil or Water Wells.

Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, demolish, tamper with, or loot community builds. These are built and maintained by the admins for the benefit of the community, and as such are off limits. If you see a community build that is up for demo, notify an admin immediately. Examples of community builds are the community greenhouses or sap farms on some servers and the Server Wide Teleporter systems.

Do NOT, under Any circumstances, demolish, tamper with, or loot ADMIN BASES. Your admins are busy and may miss a reset timer. If you see an admins base go claimable Please contact one of the Admin Team. We provide a list at the top of the rules so you can familiarize yourself with the admins and their different bases. 

Do NOT leave any creature on WANDER. They MUST BE supervised at all times. Creatures on wander are subject to odd ark glitches and get stuck in building blocks and or go aggressive and attack other creatures nearby either wild or tamed. Hatchlings or young left to grow up need to be taken off wander as well. 
Any creatures found wandering on aggressive outside a base will be deleted immediately.

Do NOT claim any creatures you cannot move. Do not claim a tame to strip it of its saddle and or contents. This includes creatures in buildings that are partially sticking out, water or land creatures in pens, etc. If you can claim the creature, and then move it, either by riding it out of the area, or moving it with a flier, you are allowed to claim it. Do not ask an admin to move any claimed creatures. 

Do NOT leave creatures, storage containers, sleeping bags, or structures of any kind on the platforms at the Obelisks. These will be removed by an admin if they are found to be blocking the use of the obelisk for another player. Also Do NOT leave creatures, storage containers, sleeping bags, or fire pits in or around the openings of the Artifact caves. Please remove them after use of the cave. Do not leave creatures to grow up in the caves. If you cannot take the creature into the cave don't take a young in to circumvent the original purpose of the cave.

Admins will NOT interfere in Tribe business except in extreme cases. This includes but IS NOT LIMITED to errors in tribe management, leaving a tribe before removing wanted items or tames, arguments between tribe members or random killing/stealing/destruction of tribe tames or buildings, mistakes made when joining/leaving/ merging tribes.
A member of the Admin team may help you on a case by case basis, at their discretion.
If you're not sure of how to make a change ASK AN ADMIN BEFORE COMMITTING TO AN ACTION. 

An admin will NOT help a player retrieve a Creature if it is somewhere it shouldn't be. ie: Rule 8
If you have a creature that is actually stuck, we ask you try all means of getting it unstuck yourself before calling for an admin. These include whistling at it, using a whip, trying to pick it up with a flier, riding it, uploading it with a supply drop or transmitter when possible, and re-logging. If and when all of those have been tried and do not work, an admin may be called to assist, and if needed, will help you get your creature unstuck.

AN admin will NOT help a player retrieve items from their body if they die, nor will they replace items lost to death due to normal play on the servers. This includes time-outs and crashes that are player based. We have no way of knowing what exactly you had on you when you died, as such, we will NEVER replace items lost due to death. 

An admin will with the proof of a server crash, timeout, or disconnect that can be verified as affecting the entire server, will investigate the creature you've lost, and may replace it for you. However, such a decision is on a case by case basis, and fully at the discretion of the admin in question, and as such, there is absolutely no guarantee that your tame will be replaced. Proof of screenshots, chat logs, or website pages of the creatures are welcome even encouraged.
ADMINS cannot replace any gear that you lose, we are unable to recreate the specific level and stats of an item.

It has come to the Admin Teams attention that some of our players have more than one account. 
We want to clarify the rules according to these accounts.
There is no harm no foul with someone running two accounts on our servers. UNLESS they chose to circumvent the RULES or some other Grave offense.
If a player character is found to be a ALT of a MAIN character, Both accounts are deemed as one and the PLAYER who owns both accounts will be responsible for ANY and ALL Points that the TWO ACCOUNTS have accrued. Even up to and Including ban.
Furthermore, If someone is a participant of our Discord, and/or a Player on our Servers, A ban on Discord may also be pursued on the Server Cluster.

The Admin team reserves the right to edit the rules at any time. 

Thank you for reading the rules. 

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