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Site Updates 2018-04-16


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Change Log:

  • Updated Chatbox
  • Updated Steam Integration
  • Updated Steam Login SSO
  • Fixed cron job issues with PHP 7.2
  • Data storage method changed to MariaDB for increased performance. Previously set to File System.
  • Updates to advertisement distribution service
  • Minimum password strength increased to Strong (mixture of upper and lowercase characters, numbers and special characters). Previously set to Fair (mix of letters and numbers)

Traffic Served Over SSL (HTTPS) is now 100% of all traffic to Centric Legends.

Cloudflare Stats:

Last 30 days as of this post.

2018-04-16 16_05.png

2018-04-16 16_05.png

2018-04-16 16_13.png


2018-04-16 16_12.png

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