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    Centric Legends is looking for mature, outgoing, and responsible individuals to volunteer their time to help better our thriving community. In working side by side with present and future staff, you will gain some great work experience that will substantially benefit you with your future job responsibilities. Does this sound like you? Have you wondered what it would be like to help the people you play with on a daily basis? Being able to assist them with the same issues you deal with every day is a great feeling. 

    Below are the requirements for all staff positions along with some information on how we process staff applications. If you are struggling to have your application accepted, or you are applying for the first time and want to be confident you have done all you can, it is vital that you read this section. 


    Forum Moderator

    Forum Moderators are responsible for monitoring the Centric Legends forums to ensure a positive and productive community environment. Moderators enforce forum rules and policies while participating in positive and lively community interaction.

    This position is for someone who likes to work independently. Although we are a team here, most of the work in this position is self-paced, requiring someone to be self-motivated. You should be able to interact positively with both the forum and Staff community as well as being professional and mature at all times. We expect those in this position to be driven to promote a dynamic and positive atmosphere on the forums and have sufficient literacy skills enabling them to communicate with people in this way


    Events Coordinator

    The Events Coordinator is responsible for the monitoring and overseeing Centric Legends events and tournaments. Members of this department play roles such as game referees, game administrators, tournament watchers, event coordinators, and such. Gaming experience in this field is a major plus (must?). The Events Coordinator will make decisions as far as events and tournaments.

    The Events Coordinator works as a team with other CL Staff and members to ensure the most efficient and legit events. These members must be honest and hold a share of decision-making skills. A strong willing to work and a positive work attitude is a must. Strong communication skills are required in this field, both written and verbal.


    Centric Legends Recruiters manage the advertisement and promotion of the Centric Legends, community as a whole. This team will constantly promote the community via other websites, blogs, videos, social media, emails and more. The recruiter's primary focus is getting the name of the community out across the web.

    Recruiters will work closely with the design and productions/media team to develop images, videos and more which will promote the community. Although this is a team position, members of this team will be required to have skills to work individually at times to help complete their duties. This position is only for ones who can work with a outgoing passion and full intent of completing their duties to the fullest extent.




    How to Apply

    Before you decide whether or not you are going to apply, please review all above mentioned positions. Compare your personality, character, likes and dislikes with those traits listed. When you choose the best fit for you, remember to choose an arena to apply for that you are most passionate about and where you will enjoy being Staff. Once you have submitted an application, your submission will be processed by the staff team for review. Remember, all of the information submitted in the application is entirely private, so be honest and truthful with the information. 

    Requirements for all staff positions:

    • Must be a member of the site for over 60 days (department staff only)
    • Must have a working microphone + voicechat (Skype, Vent, TS)
    • Must have at least 75 posts (Forum Moderators only)
    • Please note this is not a short-term position. We want longevity out of our future staff members

    Please PM @Eased for more information and to apply.

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